Ben’s book

Dear friend of Ben,

I wish to offer the kids a book of memories about Ben. Your testimonials will be edited into a private book that will allow Victoria, Nicholas and James to read and re-read about their dad while growing up. I want to make sure that their dad continue living in their mind and you can help me doing so by answering the following questions with your best memories of Ben and the best moments you shared with him. You can also share pictures, jokes, anything that is relevant to you. Smallest details are even the best !

You don’t have to answer all the questions. Only the ones that inspire you. All the answers will appear in that special book. If you don’t answer some questions, it won’t be an issue. Also there is no wrong answer.

I can only thank you for the present you’ll be offering the kids by taking the time to answer me 🎁.

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Chinese portray

Songs, objects, sensations that make you think of him.

Bits and pieces of life

Memories and values